My favorite California via Colombia rapper, J.Patron is at it again unleashing the heat with his newest single “Cutflowxrs.”

With producer WiXo providing the menacing vibes, J.Patron gets at it rappin’ about that Golden Boy life.

“Siempre donde voy, 
Siempre donde estoy,
Ayer mañana y hoy 
We them golden boys 
(Who that Tino wit the grasa)
They all wanna know 
(Sauce drip drop) 
From my head to toe
(Ima be jumpin outta beemers)
& They don’t know 
(Think they know) 
But they don’t know//
No tengo jollas 
brillo like oh yeah
Arepas y champaña 
Mari de California 
No importa la hora
Toy Drippin la gota
Guerriando toa la vida,
Pero ahora me toca..”
One of the reasons why I’m such a fan of J is because he raps in Spanglish – to be honest that’s my language of choice (lol) so to be able to go back and forth in a song is super comforting to me. Like yes Patron eso es go fuckin’ off! haha
Take a listen to “Cutflowxrs” below and try to tell me it didn’t get you hyped!

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