Lara Project || Ojala ft. Álvaro Díaz


Venezuelan brothers, Felix and Manuel Lara, also known as Lara Project, have been living in Puerto Rico for about a month now working on their debut album, Conexión, and it seems as though the island is serving as great inspiration for them.

Combining their indie sounds with Álvaro Díaz”s rap flow, Los Laras have released their first single produced by Manuel Lara and Caleb Calloway titled “Ojala.” These brothers are on a damn good start to making their presence known in the island.

“Ojala” is classic-If you love something let it go. If it comes back to you, it’s yours forever. If it doesn’t, it was never meant to be. Not only is the message of this song sentimental on its own but you can really feel the soul and emotion Felix put into the words he was singing and no surprise at all Álvaro’s lyrics always get you thinking. These boys were on their Drake/Robi Draco flow when they made this and I’m not mad at it at all!

Ojala supiera si te dejo ir nuestros caminos cruzaran, si el viento y las olas mutuamente atraerán aquellos escombros tan dificil de juntar…ojala supiera”

Diciéndome cada vez que veo una foto “porque botastes el ticket si te habías pegado en la loto”

Missing someone you had to let go? Check out “Ojala” ft. Álvaro Díaz now and be sure to follow @laraproject on Twitter and Instagram to find out what they’re up to next!

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