Joyce Santana X MNSJ SBLMNL

Santanisimo is at it again!

Hands down Joyce Santana is one of my favorite lyricists so you know my ears are open whenever he drops a new track! “MNSJ SBLMNL” is his latest Caleb Calloway produced freestyle and its eerie vibe is perfect for those insomniac nights we all have overthinking our vices.

“Un mensaje subliminal, un mensaje subliminal, no se que es lo que quieres pero seria más facíl si no tuviera que adivinar”

The way Santana can have such an impact with his chill flow will always leave me amazed. Slow and steady but so much energy behind every word. His mixtape Rap y Otras Drogas is going to be so LIT!

Check out “MNSJ SBLMNL” below:

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