When you think of Hip-Hop crews in Puerto Rico, LVCIUDVD and its members Álvaro Díaz, Derek Novah and Joyce Santana are probably the first people you think of,well there’s another group that’s been linking up with them called the Spartan Squad and one of their members that goes by the name of SOU$A has been making noise! He’s quickly established a fan base with songs such as “Trust No Hoe”, “Riesgo” ft. Joyce Santana and “#TouchinLovinRmx.”

“Beneficios” is Sou$a’s newest track and with help from producer Caleb Calloway,these two have teamed up to show you guys how to get out of the “friend zone” and get you some benefits!

“Pa’ que tu quiere un novio pa’ que te hostigue //mejor consiguete un amigo pa’ que te castigue”

This song is giving me that “50 Shades” vibe and I’m definitely not mad at it.

Check out this banger & be sure to keep SOU$A on your radar and listen to his other songs on his soundcloud page now.

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