Álvaro Díaz || Segunda Opción Ft. Sou$a

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop!

Puerto Rican Hip-Hop crews LvCiudvd & The Spartan Squad have linked up for yesterdays #JuevesdeLvCiudvd release with Álvaro Díaz and Sou$a collabing on their latest single “Segunda Opción.”

This duo definitely did producer Caleb Calloway’s beat justice;Álvaro with his dope lyrics and what about Sou$a on the hook tho?!

“I’m a flirt,flirt,flirt!”

I can already see this crew doing their 2-step on stage during one of their performances at La Respuesta with this one!

Don’t mind being someone’s side piece?Check out Segunda Opción below!


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