Kendrick Lamar || To Pimp A Butterfly

Beyonce’s…pulling Beyonce’s everywhere!

Once again we have another surprise album “leak”, a marketing strategy we’ve seen many times within the last year. R.I.P. album release dates! Whether an artist drops their latest project on the actual set release date or surprises us with it earlier, I really don’t mind, just as long as we get the music!

To Pimp A Butterfly is Kendrick’s sophomore album and includes features from Snoop Dogg, Anna Wise, Bilal, Thundercat, Ronald Isley, Rapsody, George Clinton and James Fauntleroy.

Kendrick is one of my favorite rappers because he doesn’t rap about irrelevant sh*t, he always has something to say and he expresses it in the most fluid poetic way.

Complexion (A Zulu Love) Feat. Rapsody

“I got the worlds attention so Imma say something that’s vital and critical for survival of man kind…color should never rival, beauty is what you make it,I used to be mistaken…love the creation it all came from God”

This is the type of album that gets you thinking about life and I’m all about it! But what about that “For Free?” Interlude??haha It had me dying!

Although the album has been taken off iTunes you can still pre-order it and expect it March 23! Until then you can stream it on Spotify or listen to it below courtesy of SoundCloud.

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