Joey Bada$$ || Perception Vs. Reality

I’ve finally gotten the chance to listen to Joey  Bada$$’s newest track “Perception Vs. Reality” and I’m so glad I took the time to actually sit down and listen to this Kirk Knight produced beat.

Like I said in my previous post about Kendrick Lamar and his new album To Pimp a Butterfly, I appreciate it when artists rap about legit content and Joey does that as well in this new single expressing his reality in the streets with some socially conscious lyricism.

“No my hands aint dirty,but as you can see I’m another misconception of reality, so when the po’ drive by he aint gotta ask me about the body that somebody caught last week, I aint finna go downtown in no backseat cause perception is reality when black like me”

I definitely got my ear out for this kid! Click the link below to listen to Perception Vs. Reality.

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