Vic Mensa x Kanye West || U Mad

“Oh you mad huh?!”

Ok Chi-Town I see you!

Chicago rapper, Vic Mensa, has linked up with the best of the best, Kanye West, on his latest single “U Mad.” These Windy City rappers went in on this horn heavy beat which Ye helped to produce.

“I’m the villain, no really I’m just chillin’. Tryin’ to stack these 20s,50s,100s,millions to the ceiling”

“Aint my fault you aint the man, made a plan,man they was playin’,they sleepin’ on me like long flights, I pop a Xan on the way the France.”

“There go another lawsuit, it costs so much I shoulda went to law school”

Although Mensa did his thing on this track, I have to admit my favorite line from this song comes from Kanye:

“She aint really bad, she a photo thot…I should hire this bitch she so damn good at photoshop!”

Yeezy always killin’ ’em with the truth tho!lol

It’s pretty dope to see how much love Kanye shows to up and coming artists from his city. This collab between two Chicagoans goes hard AF and I can’t wait to hear what else Vic Mensa has in store for us. With a mentor like Kanye West, I can’t really see him being anything but successful.

Listen to “U Mad” below:

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