Kanye West || Midas Touch (Demo)

Kanye West is so good that a demo can be leaked and it sounds just as good as a finished product; point and case “Midas Touch.”

This beat is TOUGH but once again Ye is killin’ me with his lyrics! Yeezus knows!

“What you bitches fightin’ for?..I can’t even, that’s why you can’t sit with us, you need to just sit your ass DOWN..”

“That new Rihanna in the front Bi..bitches in the back they don’t like me though…side piece about to let wifey know..thirsty hoes is tryin’ to get chose..”

From his to music to fashion collabs, everything Midas, I mean Kanye, touches turns into gold!


May that golden touch never fade!

Check out the demo for “Midas Touch” below:


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