Trey Songz || Intermission

Trey Songz, a.k.a. BAE, gave all of his fans a surprise yesterday dropping his latest mixtape Intermission.

From lovin’ to sexin’, this 6 track project is classic Trigga. “Change” is definitely a stand out song for me. It’s not often when a man can admit he’s flawed and did you wrong, but Trey takes one for the team and lets his lady know he’s the one that needs to change and not her. Mr. Steal Your Girl keeps it 100 with some smooth R&B, just the way I like it. I admire so much that he made the time while being on tour with Nicki Minaj over in Europe to make some new music. That work ethic is sexy AF to be honest. #NeverNotWorking

Trigga Reloaded is set to come out June 23, until then enjoy this Intermission.

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