Brray || 15 Millones

This past Friday, LV CIUDVD member, Brray, released his latest track “15 Millones” and it appears he’s feelin’ some type of way about a few rappers out there.

Over a Young Martino and DMM produced beat, Brray takes the opportunity to say a few things about those that hate on his crew.

“Estos cabrones rapean de rapear”

Se lo tuyo gordito, me dicen pistoko”

With great talent comes great envy and to be honest if you don’t have haters then you’re not relevant. Haters are fans too and it’s no wonder LV CIUDVD has so many fans in disguise, all of the members kill every single track they put out. Brray always keeps it 100 and isn’t afraid of calling anyone out and I love it because his wordplay is so clever that it actually leaves you thinking “Oh shit no he didn’t!”

My only question is, when can we get a rap battle between LV CIUDVD and their “competition”?? That would be one for the books!

Check out “15 Millones” below:

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