Álvaro Díaz X Cosculluela || La Dulce Vida

La Motha Fokin’ Ciudvd tho!!

After being ranked the best latin MC at SXSW 2015 by PulsoBeat, street poet Álvaro Díaz is at it again releasing his latest track “La Dulce Vida” featuring reggaeton artist Cosculluela. This collab has been a long time coming but we finally get a little taste of that sweet life Álvaro and Coscu crave so much.

“Quiero chavo, quiero jevas, quiero sexo en exceso y mas na’,mas na’,mas na’…”

Produced by one of the best, Young Martino, both artists go in on their verses illustrating their conception of what La Dulce Vida is to them. Ladies, if you’re looking to be a part of the lifestyle then you’ve already got points with Díaz if you’re a “negrita con un swag cabrón” or in Coscu’s case “mujeres flacas y sus nalgas sobrepeso!”

I think both artists can agree though that the 3 B’s sum up their idea of the sweet life.

Booty.Blunts & Bills.

This was the perfect time to drop this joint. People are going to be vibing to this all summer long!

La Dulce Vida es lo que quiero yo!

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