Kobe Brray con el cross over!

This week the talented young rapper, Brray, did what he does best over a sick Young Martino produced beat. With his laid back ways he hit us with that #backtoback flow absolutely burying his haters. He was sure to let them know that at the end of the day you can say whatever you want but if you can’t back it up then you basically aint shit!

“Por tanta baba en tu boca disuelta diciendo que el Rap ni que tu lo traistes de vuelta, sangano!eres el rapero mas iluso e incluso tus temas son inconclusos //

tira puya pero no me llegan al igual que a tu gat en 4 no le llegas, tiran indirectas no me llegan buscan guerra a ver si de esa forma es que se pega…pero se quedan corto en el tiro..libre, pero se quedan corto en el tiro..libre!”

One thing is for sure, Brray’s clutch game is TOO STRONG. He’s got bars for days!


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