^^ I couldn’t have said it better myself! The new joint mixtape from Drake and Future, What A Time To Be Alive, has got me feelin’ all types of ways right now!

Drake has been a favorite of mine since Day 1 and ever since I saw Future perform at his DS2 fan party in NYC I became even more intrigued with him as an artist just by seeing how hype he was on stage and how much love he showed for all his supporters-his energy was contagious!

I would have never expected a full on mixtape from Drake and Future but after listening to it I can’t believe I couldn’t imagine it before. This duo compliment each other so well.

“Diamonds Dancing,” “Change Locations,” and “30 for 30 Freestyle” are my top picks off this 11 track project.

Diamonds Dancing

“I got so many bad  bitches that I barely want her, I’m barely payin’ attention baby I need substance”

Change Locations

“2 in the mornin’ my mind is on you, 4 in the mornin’ it still hasn’t moved”

30 for 30 Freestyle

“The pen is working if you niggas need some ghost lines, I thought you wanted yours like I want mine, I guess you just makin’ moves on your own time but just know it’ll be January in no time”

6 days spent at the studio in Atlanta and this was the result…SHEESH!

What A Time To Be Alive


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