Puñeta Joyce Santana es Joyce Santana!

There is no comparing this young rapper to anyone else, he is in a league of his own!

Last night Santana released a new Rhythm Gunna produced track titled “Temores” and it’s hands down one of the realest songs I’ve ever heard a part from his impactful single “3:00 AM.” 

We all have fears, we all have something bigger than us that scares us to death but we have to use those fears as inspiration to keeps us moving forward and keep chasing after what we really want most out of life. Joyce expresses this tough pill to swallow in the most raw and unapologetic way possible.


Yo ya nose que es lo que quiero, me encuentro entre hacer nombre o hacer dinero, Dios dime que hacer, mi sueño, la necesidad primero, hable con Martino y ninguno sabemos que haremos y eso es solo uno de tantos temores que tenemos..”

Hay que ser original, todos estos temores, preocupaciones, problemas y situaciones son mi mayor inspiración, mi inspiración esta en todos lados, la musa es solo la capacidad de ver mas alla eso que tienes al frente pero no vez a simple vista..”

“Quize hacer musica para exponer mi realidad, no lo hice antes por que me falto seguridad, el tiempo ideal no iba llegar si lo seguía desperdiciando esperando a que apareciera una oportunidad..”

“La gente miente pero nunca miente su energía”

Joyce’s energy definitely doesn’t lie. I have nothing but the utmost respect for him. Not only is he one of the best lyricists in the game right now but he’s so f#cking REAL. This is one artist who you know will never give you a bullshit song, he always has something to say and I’m always down to hear it because he continues to open up my mind and see the world in a different perspective.

You can keep your club bangers, I want that Joyce Santana realism all day every day.

Be sure to also check out his previously released track ft. Misael ” Atención “

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