Drey Cheekz || Don’t (Bryson Tiller Remix)

This one is for my ladies…and a message for the #fuckboys!

If you’re not already familiar with Bryson Tiller’s, “Don’t” then 1,where the hell have you been?! And 2, you better get familiar real quick! I just discovered that London based artist, Drey Cheekz, made the female version of it awhile ago and it is SO damn good! I’m mad I’m so late to the game hearing it but I’m so glad a friend of mine put me on to it. Not only does she have beautiful vocals but her lyrics are so on point!

” But baby it’s whatever cause somebody gotta step up, I already found somebody that’s next up and damn he about to catch up..see that I’m fed up, I’m on a whole other level boy, you only fucked me over cause I let you, fuck you boy didn’t know any better so Imma be cold Imma buy me a sweater, did I forget to tell you I’m a go-getter so Imma get this nigga whose showin’ me some effort”

My first reaction? YASSS GIRL YASSS! She just gave me life with this song! Sometimes us girls forget our self-worth and it takes us a bit to find it again but when we do there’s no putting us down!

Check out both Bryson Tiller’s and Drey Cheekz’s version of “Don’t” on their Soundclouds now.


2 thoughts on “Drey Cheekz || Don’t (Bryson Tiller Remix)

  1. Hi, Drey Cheekz came across your post on her Don’t remix. We wanted to thank you for the write up and kind words I also wanted to extend an opportunity to you to write for a new blog if youre interested, please email me jay@thegood.co so we can discuss anything further

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