Happy Belated Birthday to one of the illest rappers I know coming out of Puerto Rico right now, Joyce Santana! To celebrate, he released his latest gem, “Competencia” which is the first single off his upcoming album Luz En La Oscuridad. 

All I have to say about this track is Joyce you’re killin’ me! Nothing I say could ever be close enough to describing how incredibly talented this artist is! And when him and producer, Young Martino, link up?! It’s a rap, this duo creates nothing but magic together!

There’s no doubt Santana has the ladies in the palm of his hand with his music. He says everything a girl would want to hear and the best part is you know he’s genuine about it. He’s not creating bullshit music, it’s real emotion from real life experiences expressed in a charismatically blunt way.

Dicen que tenerte duele como perderte, que eres de las que siempre obtiene lo que quiere, que no hay nada que te asombre, que sueles pensar como un hombre y por eso odio cuando nose donde estas y más cuando llamo y no me contestas..”

Y como poner resistencia a una noche intensa a tu sentencia si ninguna es tu competencia..ninguna es tu competencia..ninguna es tu competencia…ninguna”

Santanismo Season has begun and as for his competition? Who?! Where?! Yea exactly, he has NONE. In a league of his own, Joyce Santana is coming out with that fire, Luz En La Oscuridad , November 20 but for now check out “Competencia.”


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