Last week, RnB crooner, August Alsina, dropped an emotional new song titled “Song Cry” and it’s still giving me the feels heavy!

I fell in love with RnB because of how raw and how real it can be and August just added more fuel to the fire with this joint.

With social media it’s easy to put a mask on and make it appear like everything is ok but on the real we all go through some shit behind closed doors, we all go through moments in our lives where we’re just going through a funk or going through so many emotions where all you want to do is cry..cry..and cry some more.

“Sometimes I get emotional ,when I can’t seem to find the way I’m supposed to go and all these so called people that I’m supposed to know they be the main ones, smile up in your face but behind your back they hate, so I hope you know you aint the only reason I’m emotional, my tears fall like water so that I can grow, not like I was before, tryin’ to make a change I need something more…I can’t hold back these tears, let me cry, they say a man aint supposed to cry…so Imma let the song cry, Imma let my soul cry through these words, I need to try to free my mind, sometimes  I need to cry just to ease my hurt, but when I let the song cry, hope you don’t think I still won’t ride for mine…every rose needs the rain sometimes but know that you can dry your eyes this time..let the song cry..”

Props to Alsina for expressing himself in one of the most vulnerable ways possible. He put himself out there and to be honest I just want to give him a hug right now. Music is my therapy and I can relate to this song so much. Thank you August for keeping it 100.

Click the link below to listen to “Song Cry” now.

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