One of my favorite RnB crooners, Eric Bellinger, has released an EP in anticipation for Cuffing Season Pt. 2 and it’s got me even more anxious to hear what’s to come.

Bellinger is so good at delivering variety for his fans. This 3 track EP In The Meantime Pt. 2 consists of a classic Eric love ballad-“Chinese Food & Netflix ft. ARoc, a baby maker-“Privacy ft. Problem,” and a turn up banger “Squad.”

Chinese Food & Netflix

“Girl we gonna eat this Chinese then Imma get on my knees…me love you long time”


” I can’t even finna lie I want what’s in between your thighs, I heard you like it supersize and girl all I really need is 3 minutes…the things I’d do to you if we had privacy”


“Ladies & Gentleman I’m far from irrelevant, they listen to all of the words in my song, like E be killin’ it, to everyone that put me down tell me who is laughing now? Rumor has it that I came up over night, bitch I’m a veteran, I do this shit you can ask my squad”

It’s hard for me to even choose a stand out track out of these 3, they all have something different to offer yet they’re equally good but since I’m about that “Netflix n Chill” life I’m going with “Chinese Food & Netflix.”

Check out In The Meantime Pt. 2 below and stay tuned for Cuffing Season Pt. 2 out December 4!

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