I’m not a huge fan of champagne but Álvaro Díaz’s latest video for his single “La Champaña,” off his EP Ilumilatin Vol. 1 , has got me wanting to pop a few bottles and dab while I’m at it!

With cinematically stunning visuals, cameos from Young Martino, Joyce Santana, Deborah Blues, Brray, Luciano and even Álvaro’s manager Angelo, I’d say that Shoury Santana and Armando Rivera just might have directed my new favorite video from the rapper. And can we please have a moment to appreciate Álvarito’s dope sense of style? That elongated bomber in the opening scene is everything right now!

What actually impresses me the most about this video is the fact that there was probably no huge budget set for it and not even a fancy production crew, just a whole hell of a lot of creative individuals doin’ the damn thing.

To the fans & the haters, Lv Ciudvd has so much to cheers for. 2016 is coming.

Dab Dab Dab!

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