RnB heart throb, Trey Songz, unexpectedly released his latest project last week titled To Whom It May Concern, and I swear he just gets better with time.

With his angelic voice and sensual flow, this 12 track mixtape has taken me on an emotional roller coaster.

My top 5 songs would have to be “Blessed,” “Benihana,” “Used To Ft. J.R.,” “Stuck,” and “Never Enough.”

“Never Enough ft. Mike Angel” is undoubtedly my favorite track. There is so much realness in Trey’s lyrics and his delivery allows the message of the song to really hit home.


“I can’t..even though deep inside I’m incomplete, I try to love ’em but that’s just not me // sometimes I feel bad about it, sometimes I don’t give no fucks and sometimes I need somebody but these hoes is never enough…”

I feel you Trigga…I feel you!

Overall I think this is a solid body of work and I can’t wait to see what Trey and his crew come up with for some visuals for these tracks.

Available on SoundCloud, be sure to check out To Whom It May Concern and share with me your favorite songs!

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