Bay Area bred singer/songwriter, Kehlani, finds herself on her first European Tour and while in Paris she had the chance to create her latest track “Tore Up” and yes baby girl I definitely do feel you!



This talented young artist has one of the most beautiful, tender hearted voices I’ve ever heard and she legit has me all in my feelings right now after listening to that Jahaan Sweet produced song.


” I still pop one to feel a little better about looking in the mirror, I still pour up to make it all easier, I still light up to get a little higher to get out all my feelings, I’m still tore up and I don’t wanna OD on you…”

Damn if that isn’t raw I don’t know what else is.

Kehlani, at the young age of 20 was also just nominated for a Grammy in Best Urban Contemporary Album for her MIXTAPE, You Should Be Here, and I have a feeling she’ll be pouring up for a happier reason pretty soon!

Listen to the heartfelt song “Tore Up” below.

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