Last week my newest man crush, G-Eazy, released his sophomore album, When It’s Dark Out, and it’s a wonder as to why this talented Oakland native has been so underrated.


The first time I heard G-Eazy was on the “Get Away Remix” featuring Kehlani, ever since then I was hooked and those two together are magic…must be a Bay Area thing!

When It’s Dark Out consists of 17 tracks with about 14 features, which kind of makes me wonder how well young Gerald can hold it down on his own but then again his features work out so well that I don’t even mind it. He still got it!

The highlights for me off this album are “Some Kind of Drug,” “You Got Me,” ” Sad Boy,” “Random,” and “Drifting.”

Some Kind Of Drug Ft. Marc E. Bassy

“Whiskey straight aint chasin that, I’ll taste the cat, you told me I won that pearl yea that’s cause I own you girl, you should be my only girl when I hit it you feel like you own the world”

I’m on some kind of drug, can’t explain all the ways you get me high”

You Got Me

“Bitch you got me fucked up!”

^Just because that song is too catchy and too hype!

Sad Boy

“In a year I went from overlooked to overbooked you will never understand the work it took”

But nothing can prepare you for how crazy this business gets, once again sad boy Gerald is in distress, so hard on myself I think I’m going insane, the mind of a perfectionist is always in pain…”


“Got it all yea I’m young, rich, and handsome and shit is not random, everybody aint got it understand son, this shit is not random”

..put the hours in and stay passionate, wasn’t blowin’ money I was stackin’ it, I figured what the fuck I wanna do in life and practiced it, pay attention none of this is happening by accident..”

Drifting Ft. Chris Brown & Tory Lanez

” Dodging her when she’s the one, I’m out here trippin’ actin’ wild, start to wonder if I’ve changed, I’m like ” How could that be now?” Would these bitches be here really if I wasn’t rapping now?

I love how tough and confident he is yet I appreciate it when he can come back down and get vulnerable on his tracks as well.

G-Eazy is a class act and 2016 is definitely going to be his year!

Cop When It’s Dark Out now on iTunes and let me know which tracks you’re feeling the most!


You can catch G-Eazy and A$AP Ferg on the When It’s Dark Out  Tour next year! Peep your city & save the date!


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