Last week one of my favorite RnB crooners, Chris Brown, released his highly anticipated album, Royalty, and despite other peoples opinions I thought it was great;I mean Breezy is Breezy, there’s not much he can do wrong musically.

Leading up to the drop of this 18 track project, Brown released visuals for pretty much the majority of the album.


“Back To Sleep” is no doubt one of my favorite songs off the album. It’s classic CB giving me baby making music and don’t even get me started on the visual for it. GAH DAMN that was some sexy s#*t!


You already know that baby making music is what probably lead him to have his baby girl Royalty, and seeing him be in “daddy mode” in the video “Little More” just made me fall in love with him a little more, no pun intended.


She’s been the inspiration behind this album and you can tell she’s helped him to grow as a man.

Focused more than ever, Chris is proving that no matter the trials and tribulations he goes through in life, he’s still going to do the damn thing because he’s just too talented not to.


Be sure to check out Breezy’s sick dance moves and smooth ways in all of his latest videos and purchase Royalty online now! And if Christmas left you broke, don’t worry you can stream the entire album on Spotify!

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