After discovering Drey Cheekz’s remix of Bryson Tiller’s hit single, “Don’t” I decided to start digging for other versions of the song and as luck would have it I came across Puerto Rican artist, Rauw Alejandro’s remix of it.

Produced by Mr.Naisgai, Rauw gave this song new life. His vibe is kind of reminiscent to me of Trey Songz’ “Can’t Help But Wait,” which just so happens to be the song that made me a fan of Trigga.

“No te entiendo, no me explico como le permites que controle tu destino, fuck that nigga voy a sacarlo del camino // baby si por dentro de mi tu vieras que esto que siento igual tu sintieras, mis palabras al fin entendieras que te voy a dar mucho más…”

With smooth vocals and Rauw throwing in some spanglish, this just might be one of my new favorite versions of this song. We all need some of that latin lovin’ in our lives and what better than that Puerto Rican flavor, you feel me?!


His version of Travis Scott’s “Antidote” is also pretty dope! Check it out below and follow Rauw Alejandro on his social media accounts for that new new!

TW – @rauw_alejandro

IG –  @rauwalejandro


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