It’s been all about the males lately releasing new music, but finally we get to hear a little something from RnB babe, Tinashe.

Although “Secret” was an unexpected leak and didn’t make the cut for her upcoming sophomore album, Joyride, it is definitely music to my ears and I know a lot of her fans are happy this DJ Mustard produced track was leaked.

On “Secret,” Tinashe sings about a subject that far too many people are going through or have gone through – a forbidden love.

” In the bed on a Wednesday next to my baby, hoping that it aint you calling, cause I don’t wanna explain why there’s a next man calling me at 4 in the morning // I can tell you’re a friend but baby then again we doing a little more than talking, since the day that I met ya didn’t wanna like ya, can’t believe how much I’ve fallen”

“This little secret we’ve gotta keep it, we’ve got a lot to lose, we’ve got a lot to lose…but I’m willing to risk it all for you..”

With a voice like that, I’m sure anyone would be willing to risk it all for her!

Listen to “Secret”  below and stay tuned for more on this talented young artist.

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