I swear anytime I see or hear something new from RnB heartthrob, Trey Songz, I feel like I’ve just been Blessed-no pun intended. 😉

Trigga just came out with his first video of 2016 for the opening track off his mixtape To Whom It May Concern, “Blessed” and this black and white visual gives you a glimpse into the everyday life of Mr. Steal Your Girl.

With various scenes of Trey traveling the world, poppin’ bottles in the club and just chillin’ with his friends, it was both the opening scene of Trey face timing his mom and the final clip of him singing A cappella that really made my heart melt for him.

“Now tell me God how can you love me after all this sex? How can you love me after all these drugs? How can I be the one to feel so blessed? Had to get that off my chest.”

Uff Trey baby I would love you through anything with a smile and voice like that! Am I right ladies?!

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