It seems like I’ve been waiting forever for soulful songstress, Jhené Aiko, to release some new music but during Soulection’s show on Apple Music’s Beats 1 Radio she finally blessed us with some realness.

“B’s & H’s” is the latest Fisticuffs produced track by Aiko and it’s one I’m sure all of the ladies are going to be feelin’ and one all of the men should be paying close attention to.

” You gon’ fuck around and find out it does not get better, you can not do better and you will regret it, oh yea you gon’ fuck around and find yourself by yourself, find yourself that might help, traded it all in for messing with all of your bitches and hoes, so many bitches and hoes but they don’t know…I bet they don’t even know..”

” These bitches don’t got no feelings, they don’t got no senses, they don’t got no soul, you know that I’m right and you know that you’re wrong, running around loving these hoes, running around thinking these women are at your disposal, that is a no no no, just so you know know know, there is a difference between a woman, a bitch and a hoe.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Someone had to let ’em know and Jhené did so in the most classy way possible.


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