Indie/Rock Band, Lara Project, find themselves back in Puerto Rico working on their album, Conexion, but while we wait for that, they’re holding us down with a new single titled “Toda La Noche” which is also accompanied by a creatively done video game inspired lyric video.

The musical chemistry between Felix and Manuel Lara is incomparable. This duo really know how to tap into a person’s emotions with not only their lyrical content but their vibe in general.

“Sigo esperando que vuelvas a mi, el tiempo pasa y tú nada que estás, en el ocasio contigo estaré, no duermo por que podrías regresar, todas las noches esperando por ti…todas las noches esperando estaré”

This is the type of song you dedicate to the one who never leaves your thoughts…so I dedicate this one to YOU 😉


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