Up to bat this week is Boricua artist, Misael, with his newest track “Young Carlos Correa.”

With production handled by Misael himself going by his producer name, Rhythm Gunna, he is a one man army cranking out the hits.

Using rising Puerto Rican baseball star, Carlos Correa, as inspiration, he sings about being the future of the rap game.

“Yo no persigo culo, hablame de dinero, siempre ando bien fashion killa, Margiela jacket de cuero, real reconoce real, y usted no se me hace parecido, mantengo el circulo pequeño,la hipocresía nunca ha sido mi estilo”

“Llego el Rookie of the Year, dime Carlos Correa, soy el futuro del juego, dime Carlos Correa, todo lo que escupo es fuego, se derrite en la brea..se derrite en la brea, young Carlos Correa”

Singer, producer, engineer…what can’t Misael do?! There’s no doubt that this multi-talented artist is going to break new ground in the industry.

Listen to “Young Carlos Correa” below and stay tuned for some more of that one man army heat, I have a feeling he’s just warming up.


TW: @MisaelRG24

IG: @misaelrg24

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