Álvaro Díaz is having a year for the books. Just last week he was the only Hip-Hop artist to perform at the Isle of Light Festival in the Dominican Republic and yesterday he saw one of his dreams realized by being featured on COMPLEX Magazine. For those of you who are familiar with Complex you know just how major that is.

Also making an exclusive debut on the site was Díaz’s latest single “B.Y.A (Bendecidas Y Afortunadas)” produced by Lara Project and Young Martino.

Letting the muse consume him once again, “el negrito con actitud” slows things down this time around getting all in his feelings and not being afraid to call it how it is.

“Es que la coyuntura de tu cintura  me tiene jugando con fuego ignorando las quemaduras
Porque por mas que quiera no va poder ser
Poder ser lo que quiero “hay que joderse”

“Yo que queria ser el que llenara de tatuajes tu pasaporte
Pero a ti solo te importa donde vivo, que trabajo y que utilizo de transporte
Como que “De que año es? Que modelo y como cuanto costo?”
En vez de estar pendiente a un tipo decente que te valore como yo”

Si no la llevo a Paris
Si no tengo BLIN’ BLIN’ CHIN’ CHIN’
Gallardo Lamborghini’s
Si no tengo BLIN’ BLIN’ CHIN’ CHIN’
Si no estoy dispuesto a invertir
Dice “mejor no te acerques a mi, mejor no te acerques a mi”

“Now I aint saying she a gold digger…but she aint messin’ with no broke ni**as ” :0

With his enticing wordplay, knowledge of the game, hunger for success and not to mention dope fashion sense, Álvaro Díaz is a star quickly on the rise. The U.S. just got a little taste of the Puerto Rican artist that’s coming to shake things up a bit on his own terms.

Listen to “B.Y.A” below and while you’re at it check out the write up Complex did on him.


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