Atlanta artist, Elhae, released his latest project All Have Fallen about two weeks ago and I finally got the chance to listen to it in its entirety!

Available on all platforms, this 11 track body of work is without a doubt a must cop for all of my R&B lovers. From beginning to end this album just flows so well together-the musicality has been stepped up as Elhae explained in his recent interview with XXL Magazine and with his ability to translate emotions into words, it’s impossible not to relate.

Although All Have Fallen  is an overall great project, I definitely have my standout tracks.


“Doesn’t Matter” Feat. Kehlani

” Cause niggas under me only help me up the ladder, as much as they be talking they probably push me to Saturn, so tell me does it even really matter?”

“I’ve been through the storm and I know that they always think that they know but baby I want you to know that Imma do me and just see how it go”

“Don’t Walk Away”

” I’m done losing sleep, over love, over us, over you..you..cause baby I just can’t eat, just can’t breathe, all I think about is holding you..you..I wake up early in the morning for that one phone call, early in the morning with that one phone call and you know I need you..don’t walk away, don’t walk away


“I wanna be more than a friend, so do you got room for a lover? I’m lovin’ the way that you do it, I love it when we under the covers, I dunno what to do , I’m so deep in love with you, in love with you so I just wanna know..so I just wanna know..so let me know..”

“I’m so comfortable, I’m so comfortable, you’re my refuge, you got me on 10, you got me on 10, I never wanna see the end”


“I just need something that’s different, I just need someone that’s ready, I just need someone that listens, I just need someone that loves me, I just need someone that trusts me, I just need someone that does me right, I just need something I can hold on, need someone I can be with, need someone to get lit with, I need someone I can roll with, be my one and only, be my one and only..”

It’s incredible to me how an artist can express your exact thoughts into a song, Elhae does that so well.

With such a soulful voice and talent with words, Elhae is most definitely the next big R&B sensation. Please do not sleep on him and cop All Have Fallen now on iTunes!


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