This past Friday, Big Sean, turned 28 and what better way to pay homage to his birthday than by releasing a new track titled “Get My Shit Together.”

I think there’s a whole hell of a lot of us that can relate to the content of this song. Personally, on my 23rd birthday I had a melt down and was pretty much questioning what I was doing with my life, I was definitely on that “I gotta get my shit together” tip but Big Sean’s clever wordplay expresses that sentiment so much better.

” I woke up early nigga, I had a dream I died at 30 nigga, Aw twenty something doing real life, to make a million dollars what it feel like? It feel like I need to know her right then, it feel like young Ray Allen with the white twins, popping harder than MJ with the white skin, I take you way back, I’m talking Tommy Hilfiger wave cap way back”

I appreciate that He Got Game reference so much Sean, you the real MVP for that one! haha

Take a listen to “Get My Shit Together” below!

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