I said it once before and I’m saying it again, 2016 is the year of OVO! The newest act to join the OVO family, DVSN, released their debut album Sept. 5TH last night and it is R&B heaven to my ears!

Sept. 5TH is giving me all the right types of 90’s R&B feels and I’m so in love with this entire album.

I had previously heard “Hallucinations” before the drop of this project and that track alone made me an instant fan, I knew that what was to come was going to be magic.

With songs like “With Me,” “Try/Effortless,” and “Another One” there is NO way DVSN isn’t creeping up into your heart and brain.

With Me

” I could go through the whole night with you, what’s up what’s up, what the body do? like a new car when the body new, wanna get in, wanna ride with you, ride on me, I’ll ride on you..”

” Tonight I got the time, so come fuck with me now, you only let me know if you’re down…”


” You’re the first to make me try, try for you baby…I don’t have a type but if I did it would be you, if I did it would be you..I think you’re perfect for me, running after love is the last thing that I do but you know I’m running around..”

Another One

” She loves the way I love her, she don’t know what she would do, sometimes we take our clothes off and find the naked truth”

“When I made love to another woman, someone that wasn’t you and I may find me another one but it won’t be another you..you..”

A mystery no more, DVSN is on their way to the top of the R&B charts one hit at a time, I can feel it.

You can stream Sept. 5TH  on iTunes now but it will be available worldwide April 1st!


Also take a listen to their remix of Aaliyah’s “One In A Million.” I think baby girl would be proud.

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