Puerto Rican menswear brand, FRSH Company, has been teasing their latest Spring Collection with some pretty dope shots on their Instagram account (@frshcompany)for a few weeks now and if you want to stay ahead of the game you’ll head over to their site to Pre-Order items from their distinct “Perspective Collection.”

FRSH has always distinguished themselves by using bold logo placement and stand out designs, you definitely know a FRSH Tee when you see one and this Perspective Collection takes their views to a whole new level.

From Long Tees to distressed hoodies, this might be my favorite Collection from the brand just based on the thought behind it. The way they present their new products is so different from other brands- they’re more about expressing the idea behind it and what it represents and that is what actually intrigues me most about this brand and wants me to own a little part of their ideals. To be successful in an industry that sees tons of new start ups everyday, it’s important to be unique and to think outside of the box and that is exactly what FRSH Company is achieving with this collection.

Head over to their site now to view the entire Perspective Collection and to cop a few pieces of your own before they sell out!

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