Venezuelan artist, Santa Bandida, has made her way to my ears with her single “Eternidad” and her talent is just too raw!

Her soulful voice intrigues you instantly and her poetic lyrics finish captivating you completely in all of her essence.

“No predico la calma si no la practico, repitiendo mantras me matas pero a poquito, me resignare a crear con los ojos cerraados siempre que las flechas no vallan a mi costado..”

“Te tengo presente, te doy eternidad aunque poco lo intente, por siempre consciente de que eres el norte, volver a verte…”

The female talent game amongst hispanic women is ridiculous right now and it makes me so proud. Can you imagine a collab with this Venezuelan beauty with Puerto Rican artists Deborah Blues and Audri Nix?! The boys better watch out, these baby girls are steady on the rise.

Representing for the ladies and Venezuela heavy, check out Santa Bandida’s track “Eternidad.”

TW: @stabnd

IG: @santabandida

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