I first heard of Venezuelan artist, Santa Bandida, when she came out with her track "Eternidad" and I immediately fell in love with her sound. Not too long ago she released her debut EP Wifi Wifey and she described it as if she was reading her diary out loud and that's exactly what it sounds like. … Continue reading SANTA BANDIDA || WIFI WIFEY


Venezuelan baddie, Santa Bandida, is at it again releasing her latest single "Deantes" and she continues to impress me with her cool, sexy tone. In this track, Bandida manages to give off that "Fuck a Fuck Boy" attitude in a chill laid back manner and I'm 100% all about it. There always seems to be … Continue reading SANTA BANDIDA || DEANTES


Venezuelan artist, Santa Bandida, has made her way to my ears with her single "Eternidad" and her talent is just too raw! Her soulful voice intrigues you instantly and her poetic lyrics finish captivating you completely in all of her essence. "No predico la calma si no la practico, repitiendo mantras me matas pero a … Continue reading SANTA BANDIDA || ETERNIDAD