Venezuelan baddie, Santa Bandida, is at it again releasing her latest single “Deantes” and she continues to impress me with her cool, sexy tone.

In this track, Bandida manages to give off that “Fuck a Fuck Boy” attitude in a chill laid back manner and I’m 100% all about it. There always seems to be a love/hate, yes but no, back & forth situation when you’re with someone who probably isn’t for you but there is no better feeling than when you can finally say “Fuck it, I deserve better” and this down ass chick expresses that in the most relatable way possible.

” El lenguaje de tu cuerpo es un misterio, complejo, Quisiera traducirte pero nunca comprendo que es lo que tu haces que me entrego, sin celos, Aunque envidio a la que te puede bajar el cielo, pero yo no lo voy a hacer (I know better) aunque después de mi no (you can’t do better) pero no lo voy a hacer ( you can’t do better)”

Know yourself, know your worth baby girl.

Dope without even trying, take a listen to Santa Bandida’s latest offering “Deantes.”

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