SHEESH! Rauw Alejandro just got extra sexy for us with the drop of his latest single “Como Nunca” ft. Lyanno.

Alejandro claims that in Puerto Rico, R&B is his and Lyanno’s territory and they sure as hell are backing that up with this Dirty Players and Jon Gonz produced track. With one of the most sensual beats I’ve heard in a minute and voices that send chills up and down your spine, both of these R&B artists have no problem laying down those baby making vibes.


“..Te beso y lo meto a la ve’
Maltrato you gonna get
Que me llaman los guardias
Nigga ”I Bet”

“Que ella nunca va olvidar
Como yo le daba
Que me va a volver a llamar Yeah!
Que le llegue otra vez a su cama, Ok!”


“..Esa es mi nena, asi es mi nena
Freaky quiere hacerlo, mientras mi música suena
Quiere arrebatarse, prendemos una morena
Y la dejo bailar pa que las nalgas ella me mueva..”

At this point Rauw Alejandro is just making me look bad because every new song he puts out I say it’s my new favorite-I swear I’m not lying, THIS one is foreal my new favorite but maybe I should hold off on that one, I’m sure he has something else cooking in the studio already.

Como Nunca, Hacerlo Como Nunca!

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