I first heard of Venezuelan artist, Santa Bandida, when she came out with her track “Eternidad” and I immediately fell in love with her sound.

Not too long ago she released her debut EP Wifi Wifey and she described it as if she was reading her diary out loud and that’s exactly what it sounds like. 5 tracks of a girl putting all of her emotions on the line as an act of strength and power and that right there makes her a down ass chick I can get behind.


“Perdida en tu aura porque no se trata de encontrarte más que eso, me dejo llevar en el proceso, siempre vengo acelerando para dejar caerle todo el peso…”

“Are you down for this, me encuentro en tus ojos, wanna die for this…”

Santa Bandida’s sexy yet incredibly soulful flow is beyond intriguing. Without even trying she’s the cool girl all girls want to be and the ride or die every guy needs yet she remains independently and unapologetically herself.

Santa Bandida is a vibe I think everyone can appreciate.

Take a listen to her debut EP Wifi Wifey below and let me know what you think of this Venezuelan Queen!

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