One of Puerto Rico’s finest, Brray, just made the spanish version to Madeintyo’s track “I Want” (Skr Skr) and if this song was anymore up his alley you would have thought his was the original and Madeintyo’s was the remake.

“Lo quiero y voy a conseguirlo, no me canso de repetirlo, jugando como Andrea Pirlo, maestro y ustedes pupilos, los veo y no los asimilo…”

“Lo quiero y voy a conseguirlo! (Skr Skr) Lo quiero y voy a conseguirlo! (Skr Skr”

I personally think Brray’s version goes harder and I think his delivery has a lot to do with it. You can tell he’s confident in every word that comes out of his mouth and that’s key. He always manages to get ya girl motivated to take on the world and to have that hustler’s mentality 24/7.

Listen to both Brray and Madeintyo’s version of “I Want”( Skr Skr ) below and let me know which one you prefer!

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