I’ve always been curious to hear a male/female joint album but I no longer have to wonder. Twenty88 is the latest project between Big Sean and Jhené Aiko and it’s actually pretty good!

With divine vocals from Aiko and Sean doing what he does best with his clever wordplay, the 8 track EP takes you through the ups & downs of love, heartbreak and pretty much anything a modern day love story has to offer.

My favorite tracks off this offering are “Push It,” “2 Minute Warning ft. K-Ci and JoJo” and my favorite “Talk Show.”

Push It

” I want it outside inside, I take you inside outside, bring your outside inside // I think i can see my life in your eyes, I think you got everything that I like, I think I can feel you c*ming inside and at the same time…”

2 Minute Warning

” You my main bitches and that’s real, real, real shit, Imma treat her like we on vacay, South Beach shit, only thing you wearing is sheets sets, talking to you like a little freak bitch, guess that’s our little secret, when I come through off in my zone, not that fuckin’ friend zone, only thing I touch is that end zone..”

“If you call me, I’ll come running, In the daytime I’ll come running, In the evening I’ll come running, In the noontime I’ll come running..”

“It’s a 2 minute warning and I know that you want it”

Talk Show

“See I’m a real woman, a woman that doesn’t need much but appreciates a whole lot, and he calls me crazy but I’m not crazy, I’m from LA where the sun is always shining so a lot of people are shady but at least I got my baby..”

” Yeah, right baby, right look what’s the difference between real love and fake love? The same difference between real tithes & fake ones, you can feel the difference..”

I swear I was so tempted to write all of the lyrics to “Talk Show,”  but I thought I’d just tease you guys with a little bit, it’s just too damn good.

Overall this duo definitely did their thing on this album. Twenty88 is now available to stream on Tidal and available for purhcase on iTunes! Take a listen and let me know your thoughts on this new collaborative offering!

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