While we wait for the highly anticipated release of Drake’s Views From the 6 album, he’s making sure to hold his fans down with 2 new tracks and they’re both FIRE.

“Pop Style” ft. Kanye West and Jay Z (The Throne) is laced with bar after bar over a grimey beat.


” You don’t know what you just started, all I do is hang with the young and heartless, all this is for my family, man I try my hardest, it’s all I ever did and look where it got him // yeah you’ve been on my mind lately, you still got my number, girl you need to call me, I feel like they want me to learn the hard way but you know I always handle that one my way..”

The Throne

“They still out to get me, they don’t get it, I can not be got and that’s a given, they like Pablo “Why are all the windows tinted on your Tahoe?” Why do you know every single bitch that I know? Why can’t you just shut your mouth and take the high road?”

The second single released, “One Dance” ft. Wizkid and Kyla, is probably my favorite one. With a tropical dance vibe, this song is soon sure to be the go to at the club to get the crowd moving. There’s no way you’re listening to this and not moving your hips!

” That’s why I need a one dance, got a Hennessy in my hand, one more time before I go, High Powers taking a hold on me, I need a one dance, got a Hennessy in my hand, one more time before I go, higher powers taking a hold on me..”

Views From the 6 can’t come soon enough but I’m definitely about to burn the s#it out of these songs until then!

Be sure to cop both “Pop Style” and “One Dance” on iTunes now to keep your playlist poppin’!



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