Flex Friday is over but Tory Lanez and A$AP Ferg stay flexin’ with their latest collab “Line Up The Flex.”

Produced by Play Picasso, this track is straight fire from beginning to end. These two went stupid hard on this ultimate flex anthem.


” Papa told me, keep it real so Imma keep it real, Yamborghini kept it trill and died off a pill, for my niggas in the field, those who rob and steal, you know Fergie got the juice, you ’bout to feel like steel and now I’m ’bout to flex, I’m about to flex, I’m about to cop the Lex, ring with baguettes..”

T. Lanez

“I got a white bitch thicker than my black bitch, her shit so dumb I needed Fergie for the ad-lib, this pinky ring on me, it cost a nigga ten hunnas, I blew 100k last week, that’s on my dead mama, look I got 27 different hating niggas hating on me, yea I’m just like fuck ’em all”

Whether he’s swooning the ladies with his smooth vocals or going in with Ferg, T. Lanez isn’t afraid to give you hot and cold.

Listen to “Line Up the Flex” below and if you like the way these two vibe together make sure you check them out on their upcoming “Level Up” tour.


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