KEHLANI || 24/7

R&B favorite of mine, Kehlani, has been through some highs and lows in 2016 with her most recent low point being her attempted suicide about 2 months back. Thankfully God decided it wasn’t her time to go and she seems to be doing well thanks to all of the love and support that surrounds her.

Dealing with all of her emotions and putting them into perspective, Kehlani released her latest single today titled “24/7”

Laced with a DZL beat, the songstress lets everyone know “It’s ok to not be ok,” something that a lot of us need to hear every once in awhile just to know that it gets better.

“It’s the wave to not be the wave
To make all your mistakes
And it’s the play to not know the play
To go where the wind takes you
It’s all fine to not think you’re fine
Or have the wish to feel any better

I don’t know nobody
Who thinks that they’re somebody
24/7, 24/7
I don’t know nobody
Who smiles at everybody

I’ve always known Kehlani to be real but with what she’s going through and witnessing her express it with her God given talent, I now see she is strong…so incredibly strong.

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