Although my blog is dedicated mainly to Hip-Hop and R&B, every once in awhile I’m introduced to a new artist with a different sound that’s so enticing I just have to share it.

Diving more into an Indie feel, Julian Quiles, better known as Nissi, is a rare breed possessing many gifts. He’s an artist, songwriter, producer, composer, and overall a talented individual. It’s been about a month since he came out with his first song titled “Incógnito” and about a week and a half ago he released the visual for it and it is simplicity at its best. With just Nissi and his muse, the beauty of this video is truly something special. Not only can you hear the sentiment in his voice but you can see those emotions coming through in every clip and I am beyond moved by this production.

If you’re in need of a dosage of inspiration then I suggest you watch the video below and while you’re at it listen to the continuation of “Incógnito” with Nissi’s newest track “Perenne” produced by Nytive and Kyoshi Reyes.

You don’t have to know Spanish to understand what he’s saying, you can feel it.

TW: @nissiart

IG: nissiart

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