Puerto Rican beauty, Kathia Lynne, finally premiered her debut single “Oracle” yesterday on Radio Red and it’s like nothing I’ve ever heard before.

Trip Hop, Art Pop or as she would like to call it “Bitch Pop,” Kathia has created her own lane and she’s definitely owning it.

With her ethereal vocals and insane production from Lara Project, “Oracle” takes you on a trip through a haunting love where she manages to find light through all of the darkness. You can’t help but to join her and get lost in the journey.

” I don’t want to feel like unwanted property in this odyssey, I want to be treated properly, you’re my place of worship..”

“Should I stay or should I go but I keep dancing in his oracle, should I stay or should I go…I love you so..”

“Oracle” is just a little glimpse of what’s to come from Kathia Lynne’s EP, Killing With Gloves Of Silk. Be sure to stay tuned to hear what other kind of magic this babe has been stirring up for us in the studio.

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