Ever since Views came out I’ve had “Controlla” as a favorite on my Summer Time Playlist and now we’re getting some of that real island flavor with Boricua native, Luciano, releasing his Spanish version of it.

With production by Lee Gueroa, Luciano is all about a controlling kind of girl but in the best ways possible.

” Yo mataria por ti, me hicistes llorar por ti, lo haria todo porque me encanta como me controlla…controlla”

“Se descontrolla cada vez que llego, agresivo para ir más lento, eres todo lo que es incierto, en el climax le hago morir, pero al igual me controlla..controlla”

The versatility is real for this talented young artist, from going in on his tracks to switching up the pace, I’m definitely feeling this Drake vibe for him.

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