VA native, Trey Songz, has been consistent dropping remixes for the past week or so but we’re finally getting some of that new new from Trigga with his latest original track “Look What I Did” featuring MikexAngel.

Singing about the come up despite the haters, this song is the perfect balance of Trey’s signature smooth vocals mixed with his rap skills and MikexAngel was the perfect compliment to it.

“They said I would never be shit
They said I was never gonna amount to nothing
They said I would never make it
But guess what I did, look what I did, look what I did”

“I’m a dog, yeah that a boy
That a Porsche, nah that a toy
Nigga roll like I’m at a dump
I be on my bullshit
No bullshit with the metaphors
All I ever used to ever want
Want a Lexus, nah nigga I got shoes now
6 bedroom crib turned into 5
Cause there’s room for shoes now
Granddaddy used to grind
Making moonshine, got my own bulls now
I be tryna make a move
Let ’em make a move, I could never lose now”

Listen to “Look What I Did” below and while you’re at it check out Trey’s version of MadeinTYO’s “Uber Everywhere” with “Lyft.”

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