The world needs more of Deborah Blues.

After the release of her first single “Desde Adentro,” Blues had everyone craving for more and she’s finally blessed her fans with some more of her magic with her latest track “Para Que Sepas” ft. VFRO.

Venezuelan producer,VFRO, did a hell of a job creating this hypnotic beat that mixes so perfectly with the raspy-ness of Deborah’s voice.

“Quiero que sepas bien, quiero que sepas bien…si me haces daño, te juro te hago daño..”

How she can be so badass in the most elegant way is a talent in itself. Miss Blues reminds me of a young Puerto Rican version of Lauryn Hill. Her poetic lyricism combined with one of the most alluring voices I’ve ever heard makes for a truly genuine artist and once again she’s left me wanting to experience more of her art.

Take a listen to “Para Que Sepas” below!

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